Kmail configuration files


I am not sure which and where the KMail configuration files are.

I am using KMail Version 5.15.3 (20.08.3) and I thought these could be the ones:


But when using them in another computer I don’t see the filters I configured.

Which and where are the kmail configuration files?

Thank you!


The filters are defined in Akonadi –


Plus –


Plus – the Akonadi database …

If you need to have your KMail filter settings available on another system, you’ll have to export those settings from KMail and then, import them into the KMail executing on the other system.

Thank you!

Are they all the KMail cofiguration files needed? Or may I miss anything else?

And, instead of exporting and importing, will it work to move all those files to a Nextcloud server and then create symbolic links to them in my two computers which run the same system and KMail version?

Please take note of the following KDE TechBase and Community articles –

There’s this KDE TechBase article – <>

  • In the FAQs –

Can I connect multiple Akonadi instances to the same database to share my data between different machines?

Can a single Akonadi instance be used by multiple users?

Can I access the Akonadi server on a remote machine?

There’s also this multi-instance Akonadi article dated 2016 – <>

  • But, I suspect that, that’s not exactly what you’re attempting to achieve.

I’m not sure what this Akonadi thing is, but from all that info I deduce I’m not going to be able to centralize my filter settings.

Thank you very much!

It’s this thing – <>

The data storage access mechanism for all PIM (Personal Information Manager) data in KDE. This allows various applications to access the required information in one place. Note that use of Akonadi does not change data storage formats (vcard, iCalendar, mbox, maildir etc.) - it just provides a new way of accessing and updating the data.

The main reasons for design and development of Akonadi are of a technical nature, i.e., having a unique way to access PIM-data (contacts, calendars, emails…) from different applications (KMail and Calligra, for instance), thus eliminating the need to write similar code over and over again.

Another reason is to de-couple GUI applications like KMail from directly accessing external resources like mail-servers – this was a major reason for bug-reports/wishes with regard to performance/responsiveness in the past.

Also here: <>