KMAIL doesn't sync tags

Hi all, I tried to configure KMAIL to sync a zimbra account that makes use of tags.
I see no tags at all in kmail.
Is there some sort of tags support?

IMAP has no standard concept of “user tags”, so we would either need to understand how Zimbra encodes tags into message flags (if it does), or we would need to use some external APIs to sync tags from Zimbra.

Good news is that it appears that it is possible to sync tags from Zimbra somehow - there’s something called Zimbra Connector for Outlook - which claims to support syncing tags, but I couldn’t find how it does that.

Bad news is, that unless someone with access to an Zimbra instance is willing to implement this for KMail, it’s unlikely to get done any time soon. But please do open a feature request in, maybe someone will want to take a shot at it.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I can refine my request:
I can manually create TAG on kmail.
Let’s say I create a TAG named “Mario” (Right click / Mark message / Add new tag…) and I change the background color to blue.
The message I applied the tag to, becomes blue.

  1. I’d expect that all the other messages that already have this tag will be shown as blue.
    I tried to do the same thing with Thunderbird and it worked.
    On Kmail only the message I applied the tag to is shown as blue.

  2. I added the field “Tag list” in my view.
    I’d expect it to show “Mario” but instead it shows only an Icon
    Is that right or is it a bug?

Version 5.23.3 (23.04.3)
I’m running kdeneon.

I opened a bug:

Let’s hope the developer want to fix it.
I tested two other imap clients and they all work as expected regarding TAGS/Labels/Flags.
But I wish to work with kmail :slight_smile:

Hi, do you think some one will ever watch / work on this bug?