Kmail identities and transports

I have multiple accounts on kmail. When I want to create a new message i can choose an identity, a transport and a recipient. Good. I like it.
I did a new install on a laptop ( Fedora ISO, installed from live user ). I configured my kmail accounts. However when I want to compose a message the dialog does not give me the opportunity to select the identity or the transport. I decided to delete my configuration and import the configuration from my other machine. I still don’t get the drop downs for identity and transport.

Is some additional configuration required?

In the Menubar of the Composer window, choose the View drop down and activate Identity.

I’m still using Kmail version 5.24.5, so maybe this functionality has changed in a newer version?

Great. Just what I needed. In more recent versions the composer’s View is semi-hidden in a More sub menu.