Kmail Issues: Akonadi Required restart after suspend

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is a known bug or not but I have some strange issues with Kmail that only seem to happen after suspend.

  1. my inboxes need to be manually set back online before it will start to receive emails. This typically requires me also clear the Akonadi Cache, and sometimes a full restart of the program.

  2. This is a bit odd: but the mail dispatcher requires me to manually restart it/ sync/ whatever i can do to get it to turn back online. Otherwise it won’t send emails. This is do using Akonadi Console to do.

Once we are up and running things seem to work great until I close my laptop again and move to a new location. My current system of work around seem to work, but I’m wondering if there is a more permanent fix to this.

It’s worth noting that I’m using KDE Neon. In terms of how able I am to help troublshoot, I would say I’m a novice with Linux and ready to learn… not quite a noob anymore.

Hi @morrisjuosu !

It seems to be a Neon issue, see this other thread:

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Hey alright that seemed to fix it! Thanks for pointing that out.

Do you know if its going to lead to problems down the line with out network manager updates?

Not sure really, I don’t use Neon, but as long as you disable the repos after upgrading NM you should be safe.

I know some Debian users who used to mix packages from different branches (stable, unstable, testing) according to their needs and it may cause issues but we’re talking a single package (or very few, I don’t know NM’s dependencies in Neon) here.

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Gotcha! Thanks for the help!