Kmail - mark message as read in all folders?

I’ve noticed Kmail has some different behaviour than Thunderbird etc with emails that appear in multiple folders. For example, if I get one email that’s both in ‘inbox’ and ‘all mail’ (because ‘all mail’ contains everything that’s in ‘inbox’), it treats those as two separate emails - meaning that when I read the one in ‘inbox’, Kmail doesn’t update ‘all mail’ to show that that same message has already been read.

Is there a way to get this to happen automatically, or do I just have to manually mark-all-as-read in other folders every time I get email?

unfortunately we don’t have native support for Gmail-specific features in the IMAP connector right now. Theoretically on next sync the email’s state in the All Mail folder should get updated to match the Inbox, but I agree that’s not ideal :slight_smile:

Hm, though, this isn’t even a Gmail account - it’s a Proton Mail account. I suppose the same situation could hold, though. Thunderbird at least is able to immediately mark all instances of the same email as read, so there’s got to be some way; but maybe it’s somehow difficult?

I never used Proton Mail but from what I see on their homepage it looks like they mostly copied the GMail approach of all emails living in the “all mails” folder and then all other “folders” are in fact just labels/tags.

We can try to check what does Thunderbird do differently that they sync the email state across multiple folders at once.