Kmail unified inbox and other issues

I am trying to understand how to use kmail better.

Currently when I click on an email it opens to the right of my list of emails. It doesn’t however appear to mark the email as “read” at least it doesn’t stop being a light blue color as opposed to a gray color.

Also secondarily, I am trying to get all my inboxes into the unified inbox, but I am not finding where I set that.

Right now it also appears that “identities” and in and out email is not connected. at least when you remove one it doesn’t remove the other. In what situation is this useful?

Appreciate any help with understand this stuff.


You can configure the time it takes to mark messages as read in the “Misc” section of Kmail settings.

And you can configure “Unified Mailbox” by going to the “Plugins” section of Kmail settings. Activate the plugin “Unified Mailbox Agent” and click on the “Configure” button next to it.

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Thanks that helps a lot.

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