KMM data structure in XML

Hi experts,

Does somewhere a XSD file exist for the KMM xml datastructure to download?
Is that perhaps part of the source code on Github?
Any reply is much appreciated.

Unfortunately, no. The only definition of the proper format of a KMM XML file is the software itself. I have begun to create a DTD, but it’s far from truly useful yet, mainly due to not enough time spent on it, and my inadequate knowledge of DTD syntax.

I try to create a DTD in XMLSpy from the XML file, but it looks the XML structure is a ‘tough cookie’.
I’m not sure whether I will be successful at the end.

There are some relatively simple bits, and then some that are not. When I get a chance (I’m not currently near the PC with that data) I’ll see if I can post what I’ve currently got for a DTD. I can use it to validate my own data file, but that’s a bit of a circular effort. I think I do have all the main/top level sections, and what needs to be in each one, but it’s missing any accuracy in terms of the rules for what each of the components of the various tags have to follow.