KMyMoney create a bank withdrawal to send money to IBAN account


I have mapped my bank account to the corresponding account in kmymoney using HBCI protocol through the AqBanking plugin successfully. Thus i can download new transactions directly from the ledgers window without having the need to manually download some file (CSV…) from my online Bank and import it manually into KMyMoney :smiley:

According to this article, i should also be able to create and run bank withdrawal to my payees under the condition that i saved their IBAN and BIC numbers in the “payee” section.

I have tried it, and i didn’t get it working…

Here the withdrawal details window:

After clicking on send, a new window opens and this text appears:

|22:25:05|AqBanking v6.4.1.0stable|
| --- | --- |
|22:25:05|Sending jobs to the bank(s)|
|22:25:05|Sorting commands by account|
|22:25:05|Sorting account queues by provider|
|22:25:05|Send commands to providers|
|22:25:05|Send commands to provider "aqhbci"|
|22:25:05|Locking customer "1"|
|22:25:05|AqHBCI started|
|22:25:05|Using SEPA descriptor urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:pain.001.003.03 and profile pain_001_003_03|
|22:25:05|Selecting iTAN mode "BestSign" (920, version 6, process 2)|
|22:25:05|Encoding queue|
|22:25:05|Sending message|
|22:25:05|Using GnuTLS default ciphers.|
|22:25:05|TLS: SSL-Ciphers negotiated: TLS1.2:ECDHE-RSA-AES-256-GCM:AEAD|
|22:25:05|Message sent|
|22:25:05|Queue sent|
|22:25:05|Waiting for response|
|22:25:06|Response received|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 0020 - Dialoginitialisierung erfolgreich. (M)|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 3076 - Keine starke Authentifizierung erforderlich. (M)|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 3060 - Teilweise liegen Warnungen/Hinweise vor. (M)|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 0020 - Information fehlerfrei entgegengenommen. (S)|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 1040 - BPD nicht mehr aktuell. Aktuelle Version folgt. (S)|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 3920 - Meldung unterstützter Ein- und Zwei-Schritt-Verfahren (S)|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 0940 - Letzte Anmeldung am 23.08.2023 - 14:06:52 (S)|
|22:25:06|HBCI: 1050 - UPD nicht mehr aktuell. Aktuelle Version folgt. (S)|
|22:25:06|Dialog not aborted, assuming PIN is ok|
|22:25:06|Server address found: SSL:, base64|
|22:25:06|Encoding queue|
|22:25:06|Sending message|
|22:25:06|Using GnuTLS default ciphers.|
|22:25:06|TLS: SSL-Ciphers negotiated: TLS1.2:ECDHE-RSA-AES-256-GCM:AEAD|
|22:25:06|Message sent|
|22:25:07|Queue sent|
|22:25:07|Waiting for response|
|22:25:07|Response received|
|22:25:07|HBCI: 9050 - Teilweise fehlerhaft. (M)|
|22:25:07|HBCI: 9160 - Nicht belegt. (S)|
|22:25:07|Dialog not aborted, assuming PIN is ok|
|22:25:07|AqHBCI finished.|
|22:25:07|Unlocking customer "1"|
|22:25:07|Operation finished, you can now close this window.|

I don’t know what these messages mean (colored in red in KMyMoney):

  • |HBCI: 9050 - Teilweise fehlerhaft. (M)|
  • |HBCI: 9160 - Nicht belegt. (S)|

Does anyone knows more about this feature of withdrawing mony directly from KMyMoney ?

My online bank mapping parameters are

KMyMoney Version 5.1.3

Many thanks in advance for your help

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HBCI is a tricky beast :slight_smile: and there are many screws to twist and each institution has their own set. For your understanding: KMyMoney is using the AqBanking and Gwenhywfar libraries to access the banks via HBCI. These libs contain all the protocol specific implementation. Therefore, all the messages you posted are generated from that pair of libs. In general, access should be working though, because you are able to download transactions. So we don’t chase a connectivity issue.

In the directory $USER/.aqbanking/backends/aqhbci/data/banks/de/70010080/logs you can find detailed logs of each PB session. Important: do not post their content here unfiltered as it contains sensitive information! Their content is a bit cryptic but in case of problem, sometimes one can spot if data is missing or what else is the cause.

One important setting is the “TAN-Medienkennung”. This needed to be changed recently due to the move of Postbank accounts onto Deutsche Bank infrastructure. Some information can be found on the AqBanking Wiki page.

As for versions: I (currently) use

KMyMoney: git master (which should not make a difference in this case compared to 5.1.3)
Aqbanking: 6.5.4
Gwenhywfar: 5.10.1

all built locally from git repos.

Hope that helps to get started.

Many thanks for your detailed response and the explanations regarding the user log files…
Crazy, i was not aware that all downloaded (through synchronization with AqBanking) bank account transactions are stored into the log files for ever… I have deleted all of them except the last one now :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know why, but my try to make a bank withdrawal from KMyMoney has not worked. i can not see it when i connect directly into my home banking online.

  1. This is what i see just after i clicked on the “send” button of KMyMoney which should trigger the bank withdrawal:

  2. I enter my bank password (the same as the one i use to enter into my bank online account)

  3. Then this window appears

  4. After this, no news. Nothing in my online bank account… so it failed :frowning:

After entering the password (PIN), this window appears for me:

and I have to enter the TAN (transaction number) which is send to my phone.

At this point, I had to enter my TAN and when I pressed OK, the log continued with


Note: don’t worry about the additional TLS cipher priorty list messages. Those are shown due to my local configuration and are not related to your problem.

So, i had two issues that prevented my withdrawal to work

  1. General issue in AqBanking parameters of the bank account which is the sender of the withdrawal: 1) the box “Prefer single SEPA Transfer” was not ticked yet. After this i had to 2) click on Get SEPA Info to “refresh” KMyMoney, see picture:

  2. specific issue related to my Bank management of 2nd authentification factor. There has been a recent IT backend change for two months. Prior to the change, the name of 2nd authentification factor had to be prefixed with “SO:”, and after this IT change, no prefix at all was required anymore (which i was not aware of…). Therefore i updated this in the user settings of AqBanking parameters.

After those two changes, my withdrawal has been run by KMyMoney and i could see it in my bank online banking as well!

Thanks @ipwizard for your strong support there!