KMyMoney csv transaction report imports transfers between accounts as categories

Hello, I hope you can help me. I import my account transactions with csv. All is working fine with the exception that transfers between two accounts are not appearing as a transfer but instead as a new expense or income category. How can I ensure that KMyMoney recognises account names?

I do not think that the csv importer currently handles transfers, but I will need to check the source to be sure. I’ll report back once I know, including how hard it might be to add transfers as an option.

What is the information contained in the transaction row that allows identifying the counter account? Is there a column in your CSV data that you assigned to the category combo box and which contains the account name the money was transferred to/from? Just a few questions to start the analysis (without exactly knowing the features of the CSV importer).

Thanks. Indeed, it seems not to be able to handle transfers. With the import, “categories” are created for the names of the accounts of the transfer. Work-around then is to sort on those categories and change in the edit transactions from the same name category to a transfer between accounts. It works but it would be much more efficient to do this automatically.

Ultimately, the csv file can be adapted to what is useful. From former Quicken exports, I am used to counter accounts being identified in the same categories column. If there is a transfer, then the category is not, “Food” but identified with brackets, like [Tom Current Account]. I think this would be a good identification for the csv importer. So, if such account already exists, the transaction is automatically entered in the counter account as well. If not, a new account could be created or an error message given.

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I agree with rob-roy. It would be very useful for the importer to recognize something like brackets [… ] to denote and account and not a category. When specifying an account using [Existing Account ], the transaction would be imported as a transfer.