KMyMoney Custom Reports

Is there a way to make completely custom reports in KMM?
I know I can tweak existing ones but I can’t quite get what I would like out of any of them unless I am missing something.

I’d like a report that lists each account with the account number and the current balance.
I can get the account name and number with “Account Information” and the account name and balance with “Account balances by institution”.

I was hoping to find a bunch of XML files or similar somewhere in the installation that I could play with (I am technical) but my hope looks to be in vain!

And on an unrelated note is this the best place to ask KMM questions now that the other forum has gone?

The easy things first: yes, KDE discuss replaces the old forum (which is still available in a read-only form). Another good spot to get user support is the user mailing list (where the devs are also subscribed). An overview of all can be found on the project’s web site.

Regarding the reports: currently, there is no way I know of to easily write custom reports. What I could think of is inventing/designing a specific report language and create an interpreter within the KMyMoney core that allows to do all the fancy stuff (e.g. accessing objects and their attributes via variable names) and can be extended. If someone has concrete ideas they just need to be discussed.

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I have been using KMyMoney for over 6 years following the demise of MS Money and following other software trials. KMymoney does everything I need (currency etc) for my personal finance. It is simple to use and is reliable and has a great reactive community. One of the big advantages is the export of reports facility. This means you can easily export into Excel / LibreOffice to play around and construct customised reports.
To that end a huge improvement would be a sort of dump report to get most if not all data out.
The drawback of this approach - without the source data you cannot drill down to get details. I am a retired accountant and always found reporting was the weak link in most financial software. The flexibility of Excel / LibreOffice and their ease of formatting to printers has always led me to downloading data to construct exactly the reports I need.
I feel you need the security of a database software to avoid corruption which is inherent in any spreadsheet application.

Having spent countless hours with Excel during my professional life I am comfortable accessing large databases with Excel.

I have not been into the forum for some time and enjoy the new look and feel- It’s a great improvement. Many Thanks for the continuing work!!!

I haven’t really found the perfect solution for my custom report. The closest I’ve got is to manually generate the two reports mentioned in my first post then export them and run a Python script I’ve put together. It works but it’s a bit clunky. It would be excellent if I could automate it.

Before that my investigations took me into the inner workings of the KMM database file. I figured out how to un-compress it and get at the XML but unfortunately the account balances are not stored in there, presumably because the software calculates the balances by running through all the transactions on each account so I’d have to replicate that, which is too much effort to code and debug.

I only want to run the report monthly or when something big changes so I’ll be sticking with my semi-manual method for now.

Not only presumably, but that is exactly how it works to ensure consistency. For you reporting, you may take a look at a little script that allows to extract the information for one account into a csv file.

Many thanks for that. Just had a quick look. I’m not strong on Perl but that might just give me enough inspiration to have another go at a Python script, although I probably won’t get time until next week (real life keeps getting in the way!)