KMyMoney How can I update the category for all transactions of a Payee

I’ve imported transactions from an account with the .qxf importer, but the ‘category’ for each transaction is blank. How can I add a category by Payee, and not manually for each transaction?

Which version of KMM are you using?

If you are using 5.1, then you can select all the desired transactions
and do a single edit. Since they all have a blank category, you should
be able to add a Category to all of them in one operation.

If you are using a version compiled from master branch of git,
unfortunately, the ability to edit multiple transactions is not yet
implemented. (The ledger code is all new in that version.)

One other possibility might be to delete all those transaction, then
set a default Category for that Payee, then reimport all the
transactions. I believe they should get the default Category for the

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