KMyMoney QIF import

I currently use Moneydance for my finances. I would lik to switch to as many KDE apps as I can. I created a QIF file from Moneydance and when I try to import it I see the following: 0 statements have been processed with the following results.
Is the QIF file from Moneydance in error or is it an isssue with KMyMoney?


Tough question. I would expect a combination of the two plus the individual settings as the cause.

Can you create a small sample file with a few transactions that you like to import using Moneydance, export it to QIF and send it to the developer mailing list referencing this page here? This is probably the easiest way forward.

I tried to export the accounts separately from Moneydance and KMyMoney was able to import them. Maybe a QIF with all accounts was too much.