Kmymoney updating stock & mutual fund issue

Hello, I have been successfully updating my mutual fund securities for quite a long time using Kmymoney Ver. 5.1.3. However, since a few days ago, when I try to update I get the following error message:
Timeout on server Socket operation timed out
Unable to update price for VBIAX (empty quote data)
I shall appreciate it if some one kindly provide a solution to this issue. Thanks in advance!

In settings change the “v7” to “V6” in the URL for yahoo finance.

Thank you! That did it.

That was also changed yesterday. V6 stopped working and now, when you go back yo V7 there is a message to provide feedback about the API for developers. Went there and they are asking if you be willing to pay.

In the meantime, I started using an AlphaVantage API (free API key) and I am able to retrieve values using the web call. My only issue is that I can’t decipher how to extract the prices into KMyMoney.

Here is a sample call provided by them and the response. If someone can help on how to extract the price and date would be appreciated.

“Global Quote”: {
“01. symbol”: “IBM”,
“02. open”: “127.8200”,
“03. high”: “127.9000”,
“04. low”: “125.4700”,
“05. price”: “125.6800”,
“06. volume”: “3915505”,
“07. latest trading day”: “2023-05-24”,
“08. previous close”: “128.1800”,
“09. change”: “-2.5000”,
“10. change percent”: “-1.9504%”