kMyMoney vcpkg Visual Studio installation script

Edited to unhide this post. The kMyMoney wiki page on the Build Environment under the heading Installing vcpkg contains the statement–
“Windows: you need MS Visual Studio with all the required workloads installed. Please refer to this script for details (search for Workloads).”

I have no trouble finding the script, but is this a perl script or something else. I can use the VS installer, but I have never used a script of any sort to modify a Visual Studio installation.

Also, where the script says, “# REPLACE WITH DROP-TO-ADMIN-USER-PREFIX.ps1”, and “# REPLACE WITH UTILITY-PREFIX.ps1”, what are those? The wiki doesn’t explain.

It’s not a perl script but a PowerShell script. Since Windows is not my home turf, I don’t know what the replacements should look like and what this script is good for at all. :frowning:

Thanks for answering. I think you’re the guy who was on the original kMyMoney team.? It does appear nobody familiar with Windows frequents these forums at all. I’m going to continue a little more trying to get vcpkg to install kMyMoney in Visual Studio but switch to Stack Overload for questions. If I’m not successful, I’l try to build it in Kubuntu.

Indeed, I am working on KMyMoney for quite some time now, others call it decades :slight_smile:

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I’ve also been coding literally for decades in many languages and environments, mostly on mainframes and Windows. So, Kubuntu is new and git is new and KDE Develop is new, but I think that’s where I need to be for this project. I need to get into this because my MS Money is getting really slow and I’m afraid it’s going to collapse. I don’t want to use a lot of your time, but can you tell me whether this list of prerequisites [Build environment · Wiki · Office / KMyMoney · GitLab] is still accurate? Particularly, that version of Qt appears to be 3 years old. Is that the one in use? It also appears GMP uses a newer version of Qt? If there’s an easier way to gather all these dependencies than trying to download and build each of them individually, I’d sure like to know it.

The versions mentioned are usually the minimal version required. The stable branch also compiles with Qt 5.15.2. I am not aware that GMP relies on Qt. You don’t need to build all of them yourself. Usually it is enough to install the package that comes with the distro (Kubuntu in this case).

Using vcpkg is one way to build the application which I have never used myself. This generates a static linked program with all the dependencies (AFAIU).

Packages you most likely need to build from source before you can start building KMyMoney are libalkimia and libofx, the latter only if you plan to use OFX for online banking. All others should be available as -dev or -devel packages using the Kubuntu package manager.

More to go on. Thank you.

This script contains a list of all the MS VS workloads that are required to successfully compile a c++ project with vcpkg. Workloads are basically the components you choose in the installer’s UI when you choose to customize it. You can either choose them by hand in the UI, or you can use command line and skip the hassle:

vs_enterprise.exe -Workloads $Workloads

, where $Workloads is the list from the beginning of the script.

Hope this helps.

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I believe I’ve got a VS 2022 Community environment set up that would let me at least try a build with MSVC if I could get vcpkg to download the source. I posted on another board about the problem I’m having because there seem to be so few people in this community who work with Windows much at all. Since that’s really a separate problem from the PowerShell script and MS VS setup here, I’m going to go ahead and give it a shot here and make a new post about that problem.

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