Kommit 1.0 Released

Kommit 1.0.2 Released

Kommit 1.0.2

The first stable release of Kommit is now available for packaging and distribution.

Kommit is a Git GUI client.



Signed by me Jonathan Esk-Riddell jr@jriddell.org E0A3EB202F8E57528E13E72FD7574483BB57B18D https://download.kde.org/stable/kommit/kommit-1.0.2.tar.xz.sig

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Looks great, but there is a bug with dark colorschemes having dark icons: 469392 – Dark icons on dark colorscheme

Comparing this app to my favorite daily tool­ — Sublime Merge, most of those tabs in the sidebar could fit their content inline in a 2 or 3 split views in a single window without the loss of usability — quite the opposite, screen estate would be less cluttered with app navigation and filled more with actual content.

Commit graph is too dense and not informative. It only lists commit titles, whereas the other important commit metadata includes date and author. Also, where are the remote branches?

Commit details view is too sparse. Same amount of information could fit in, like, 2x less space. And, in fact, not all info is needed: “Child” title is uselessly repetitive, and should be replaced with a clickable commit hash. Date, on the other hand, it’s not clear whether it refers to commit date or authored date, especially since the showcased commit on the screenshot here have both. But when committer and author ARE the same, it doesn’t make sense to list them twice.

Some random layout issue: in the “Switch/Checkout” dialog, radio buttons on the left are not base-line aligned with their fields on the right.

Random UI rendering issue: at 150% scale graph lines are not continuous:


also, white dots in the middle of bright red line on a dark background is not exactly the best combination of colors. Generally all colors for branches are quite… intense for any color scheme.

The diff view is both eye-tearing and space inefficient: change indicators (currently on the left) could be drawn on top of scrollbars; views are not scrolling in sync; “Show file names” button take up the space that could be used to… always show file names!

Diff curves are pointing at slightly wrong vertical offset:

Random UX issue: when browsing commit files tree, keyboard navigation does not update the right pane, requiring mouse click. Not sure why is this even possible, but I accidentally opened two “Brose files…” windows by double-tapping on that context menu item.

Checkout process could be greatly simplified. This whole window is just a status update, it doesn’t have to open in the first place:

But since it does, please, don’t duplicate the command in a separate field. Tab isn’t needed, because it’s the only one here. And three levels of frame-nesting goes against the tendency of “frameless design” of late. Close button isn’t needed, as the dialog can be just closed as a normal window, and it reacts to Escape as well.

Commit/Push window is a bit traditional for Git GUI clients, I guess, but that’s exactly what kills the mood. How am I suppose to interactively stage chunks or view files in such tiny modal popup? Then, “Message:” label better be just a placeholder of the text area. What is the “Include status to the message” checkbox, and why is it tri-state? Why is branching merged into this window — don’t we have a whole tab dedicated to branch management? Also, HEAD is a ref, not a branch:

OK, so that was just my brief review. There are sure more issues/bug/nitpicks to be found, but the ones outlines above should give developers some ideas what to iron out first. In 2023 tooling market is flooded with Git clients for any taste, so it’s gotta be hard to start competing with existing high-quality solution, but, eh, it would never hurt to have a native one from KDE. So, good luck!


I see there’s a Snap package, is there also going to be a Flatpak?

Thanks for all your comments
I will check and fix all these issues

I am a rookie and i dont know how to use it. Can you provide some documents of usage? I had read the handbook, but i still can not know how to connect to my github.

Thank you.

Is there a way to make Kommit ask for the passphrase when connecting to github?
Just checking out on Haiku and when I launch if from the Terminal I’m asked (in the Terminal) for it, but when launched from GUI I’m not presented with a window for this?

I’m changing git operations from binary process to libgit2.
The case you mentioned is one of the cases that I am working on now

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