[Konsole] Any way to make the active split more recognizable?

Often it is virtually impossible to distinguish which split is active, and when you tab back to Konsole and misremember it leads to erroneous input.

For example try to guess which split is active if you have no hint from the content:

something about your theme is preventing the header from highlighting

and i use the block cursor in console windows rather than the word processor cursor so that lights up too.

Which particular theme setting? There’s no noticeable difference changing color schemes in the profile area in that regard? How should it look like if working?

I usually do, I just switched to I beam for the sake of the screenshot. Alas that isn’t very reliable, many programs bring their own cursor or don’t show any cursor at all.

I’m just using the Breeze theme inside the Profile inside Konsole. As you can see, the inactive split is darkened and the block cursor is hollow. I have have the block cursor set to blink. I have no difficulty telling them apart. We can go deeper into settings if you need.

i’m just using the default breeze theme… tired a few when i first installed and they all seemed to have some flaw or another, so i just went back to breeze.

same with the cursors and icons

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The screenshot I posted is the default breeze theme, and any other theme don’t seem to indicate the active split either?

Changing the cursor doesn’t help. If e.g. one split shows journalctl and other runs a ffmpeg encoding there isn’t a cursor, and hitting ctrl+c in the wrong one is rather unfortunate. And there are a myriad of similar programs without a cursor.

On mine, in the Breeze color scheme, I have it set to Blur Background and Background Color Transparency set to 15%, so that might make it look a bit different. If you notice my screenshot, the header of the split looks the same.

I just checked my System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects and Dim Inactive is not turned on, so that is not affecting it.

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Yeah, one setting that always works regardless the theme is to darken inactive split. As far as I know there are no css settings for those konsole split titlebars.


I haven’t noticed that setting before. It’s not perfect, but that’s surely an improvement. :+1:

While you can use a css for the tab bar/tabs, you can’t ( not that I know of) for the split titlebars.
Moreover, I think the “titlebar” is integrated with the terminal window itself. Darkening the non active also darkens the titlebar. That’s not the case in, say, terminator or something.