Konsole Appearance (Centos 7 KDE vs Centos 9 KDE)

I can see and understand that the ‘Appearance’ for Konsole from Centos 7 (KDE v4.11) is less advanced than Konsole is at KDE v5.20 under Centos Stream 9—as installed from the EPEL 9 repo.

First of all, is there a different (better?) repo to use for KDE?

Anyway, on my long-term stable Centos 7 with KDE v4.11 which I’ve been using for well over 2 years of work, development, etc… the Konsole Appearance is set for a green text on black background. It looks quick black, with bright vibrant green text.

The foreground green color is:
Hue: 120 Deg Red: 24
Saturation: 230 Green: 240
Value: 240 Blue: 24 HTML code of: #18F018

Black is all 0’s.

Over on my newly minted Centos 9 Stream, I have checked the Konsole Appearances as well. The foreground green setting exactly matches my old system, same for background black. Background color transparancy is at ‘0’, all the way to the left. No scaling, nor anchors are set. The ‘font’ selected for both is “monospace 10pt”.

Yet the newer Centos 9 Stream KDE Konsole is quite a bit dimmer by compairson, as can be seen in this image:

Are there other settings I should/need to adjust?

Thank you.

In fontconfig, monospace (also serif and sans-serif) is an alias.

So, to get the same appearance, you’d need to either configure konsole with the actual desired font, or configure fontconfig so monospace is your desired font everywhere.