Konsole autocompletion like Warp

So Warp Terminal has an autocompletion with a dropdown (I can’t put the link here).

I think that can be a nice addition, and probably this can be exposed so the user can script as they prefer for their commands as they wish.
In this way is different compared to the bash autocompletion, as can be used also for other stuff in real time.

Yeah, it’s very different from bash completion. It’s based on a built-in database, so:

  1. It completes for commands you haven’t installed.
  2. It doesn’t complete for commands you installed but not in its database.

Implementing something similar in Konsole would be quite a lot of work, I imagine.

Yes is completelly different, I was thinking like a folder where there are various bash scripts one for every command, like git, that Konsole calls sharing what the user is writing and the CWD.

In this way it is easy to extend by anyone and Konsole is just a dropdown that shows what the script output (in a JSON or whatever).