Konsole: Can't use profile starting in distrobox as default

Hi! I’m using KDE on my Steam Deck, basically an immutable distro. Therefore, I installed distrobox to be able to install all the CLI tools I need and I would like to use a distrobox container as my main CLI environment, as is described here for the Gnome Terminal: https://github.com/89luca89/distrobox/blob/main/docs/useful_tips.md#using-distrobox-as-main-cli

I created a Konsole profile with the command distrobox enter mycontainer. When I run this with konsole --profile mycontainer it works. However, when I set this profile as default, Konsole stops working: The Konsole window shows up for a second but immediately closes again. The only way to get it working again is to open the profile settings in .local/share/konsole/ and change the command.

I tried variations of the command: writing out the full path of the distrobox executable, wrapping it in /bin/bash -c but the results were always the same. Any ideas why it is failing and how to make it work?