Konsole: Can't use profile starting in distrobox as default

Hi! I’m using KDE on my Steam Deck, basically an immutable distro. Therefore, I installed distrobox to be able to install all the CLI tools I need and I would like to use a distrobox container as my main CLI environment, as is described here for the Gnome Terminal: https://github.com/89luca89/distrobox/blob/main/docs/useful_tips.md#using-distrobox-as-main-cli

I created a Konsole profile with the command distrobox enter mycontainer. When I run this with konsole --profile mycontainer it works. However, when I set this profile as default, Konsole stops working: The Konsole window shows up for a second but immediately closes again. The only way to get it working again is to open the profile settings in .local/share/konsole/ and change the command.

I tried variations of the command: writing out the full path of the distrobox executable, wrapping it in /bin/bash -c but the results were always the same. Any ideas why it is failing and how to make it work?

The fact that it works when manually invoked but not as the default profile sounds like a bug, could you file it against Konsole in bugs.kde.org?