Konsole colour scheme dynamically adapt colours from current global colour scheme

I’ve been messing around with panel themes and icon themes for a while now and one of the coolest features imo is that you can make an element dynamically get its colour from the current colour scheme instead of setting it to a static value. And I couldn’t help but wonder if that wouldn’t be implementable for other things as well, such as the konsole’s colour scheme. Like, when I edit a colour scheme in Konsole, what if instead of setting the background to #121212, I could set it to current background colour?

That feature would pair especially well with get colour from wallpaper and tint all colours with accent colour. I’m not sure how feasible or desirable this is, so I’ll post it here for discusion, instead of as a wishlist item on the issue tracker

I also like how kate will, if I’m not mistaken, switch to a matching colour scheme when you change the global colour scheme and have a matching colour scheme for kate, that might be a more feasible thing to implement

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