Konsole escapes certain special characters on paste with middle mouse

I noticed whenever I paste something into Konsole using middle mouse some special characters in URLs are escaped, for example in a youtube url the question mark and equals are escaped:
I already checked “Allow escape sequences for links” in profile settings->
mouse->miscellaneous, but doesn’t seem to have done anything.
Anyone can tell me if I might be missing something else or if this is a bug?

I cannot reproduce this issue, with or without “allow escape sequences” checked, with middle click or CTRL+SHIFT+V - it always pastes the URL as I expect.

Can you share the output of kinfo here?

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Nevermind… I remembered I’m using oh-my-zsh and thought that might do something, quick googled search confirmed that. Fixed it by commenting out some lines in /home/zaphod/.oh-my-zsh/lib/misc.zsh:person_facepalming:t2: