Konsole GUI Cursor - Change from I-Beam to Arrow

Long time Kubuntu user here.

Lately running a lot of Konsole windows for various apps, and the default GUI cursor style of I-Beam makes it hard to find. I would like to change this to normal arrow for more visibility.

Note that this is not the “Terminal Cursor” / caret style, which is easy enough to change, a la How to change the caret of the Gnome Terminal? - Ask Ubuntu.

What I’ve tried:

  • I checked Window Manager / Application Settings (which I use often for sizing and positioning), but nothing in there involving cursor.
  • Checked all Profile settings - only mouse settings are e.g. copy on select.
  • I tried editing ~/.config/konsolerc with CursorTheme=Default as well as CursorName=left_ptr per Arch Wiki lead below.
  • Checked Konsole Handbook PDF.

With Arch wiki I’ve found some notes related to changing the “cursor_name” for defaulting on the entire system (Cursor themes - ArchWiki), but this is relating to X window system entirely - and I am very happy with my current custom left-handed cursor theme, I just want to override for Konsole.

Can anyone point me to how to correctly override the GUI Cursor for a specific application / for Konsole?

konsole seems to be limited to block, I-beam, underline… no arrow.

you can find it under the edit profiles menu

Thank you for your reply, but this is not it. As I indicated in my post, ‘Note that this is not the “Terminal Cursor” / caret style, which is easy enough to change’.

I already have my Konsole Profile set to block cursor for that. That’s the Terminal Cursor style.

I am referring specifically to X11 cursor theme.

Then screenshots might help convey your meaning.

oh, sorry… i see what you mean now.

the cursor that changes to an I whenever you hover over a text input field.

that seems to be up to the theme and i don’t know that the konsole text input field can be distinguished from any other text input field.

you can also change the size of the cursor, if that helps.

The answer might be to find a new favourite cursor theme… everyone has different display settings - I use a HDTV which basically sucks for fine graphics/text but rocks for the big view.

For years, I’ve been stuck on Chameleon cursor, despite migrating to some others (comix stayed a while, and a couple of others, but in the end I always go back to Chameleon).

Firstly, the colours are excellent - personally I enjoy the dirty blue colour on both dark and light backgrounds.

The I-beam is animated (slow flashing) and there are a couple of sizes. For some reason it’s gone from the AUR, but I have a local copy - give it a try… it’s in my Dropbox Dropbox - Chameleon.tar.gz - Simplify your life

Don’t forget, the themes exist inside a folder - you can enter the folder and edit… Chameleon is a non-scalable but is easily edited because they are simply PNG files, so you could design your own fat/colourful I-beam and export it (in gradual shifts of colour for animated effect) like this:

Thanks so much benkde. I appreciate your insight!

I am no stranger to cursor editing, as I use my mouse left-handed and finding decent themes has been a challenge, so I have hacked together my own.

The I-beam is useful in every other context – text editing, webforms, etc. – and I was hoping to be able to keep that / not have to hack my cursor theme globally. But as I think about it, an oversized I-beam plus a little extra color or contrast would probably solve the dilemma.

For a moderate technical solution, I’m thinking about putting together a KWin Script, based on this:


while true; do
    window_id=$(xdotool getmouselocation --shell | grep WINDOW | cut -d'=' -f2)
    window_name=$(xdotool getwindowname "$window_id")
    echo "Window under mouse cursor: $window_name"
    # here: test for Konsole, dynamically adjust the cursor (xsetroot?)
    sleep 0.1  # Doesn't seem to hit cpu too bad

Once I dig in and figure out how that works, I may try to contribute a patch to the Window Manager / Window rules with a rule to do that… but don’t know much about Qt / C programming.

I love KDE Plasma because of the flexibility of the desktop manager (pin windows, keep on top, default locations for things, enforcing sizes, etc). I couldn’t imagine using anything else!