Konsole just closes when running commands

Konsole works fine for commands like cd and ls, but when you run ANYTHING with ‘sudo apt’ it closes, and you get a notification with the option to restart, but that just crashes my system.
Note: When you change the default terminal to lxterminal, most apps open with Konsole, making it very hard to install anything. Any help appreciated

It sounds like Konsole crashes. When the dialog with “restart” appears - there should be an option to “report bug”. Please do so :slight_smile:

I have tried, it says there is not enough info to be useful to the developers

I’m familiar with that issue - it is easy to circumvent, but first - make sure you have the Konsole debug symbols installed: on Ubuntu/Debian style systems you’d need to install the package konsole-dbgsym using your package manager (for example, from the command line run pkcon install konsole-dbgsym).

Then when you click “Report bug”, in the dialog that asks all kinds of questions, do say - “it happens all the time” and “I know what I was doing when it happened” - and it should let you file a bug. You would need a bugs.kde.org account to file the bug, so maybe you want to create one first.

There’s a new - much easier - bug reporting software in progress, but in the mean time you may also want to review this KDE guide on how to create useful crash reports.

This helped, thanks so much

If you do happen to open a ticket - if you’d be so kind to mention the ticket number here, I would like to follow that.