Konsole: Monitor session from command line

Is there a way to enable the monitoring for process finshing etc in a Konsole session from the command line? I want to so something like

konsole --monitor-finishing -e kdesrc-build alotofstuff

so I have one command to launch a process in a monitored session without having to remember and do the enabling by hand in the Konsole window each time.

IIRC Konsole itself exits with the user process? Then how about

konsole --monitor-finishing -e kdesrc-build alotofstuff ; notify-send 'finished'

Hm right, for finished process I could just do stuff; notify-send 'finished'. But I’d like to be able to do the same for monitoring for prompts for example. And make use of the distinction between focused and non-focused sessions.

Seems there’s no way to do that.

And if we are to add such commandline switches, perhaps we can add a general switch to all KDE apps instead, e.g.

konsole --action 'Konsole: monitor process finish' --action 'Konsole: monitor activity'

And pass these actions to KCommandBar (or KActionCollection?).

One problem is the name of the action varies in different locales, so you can’t copy&paste command lines created by users from other locales. Maybe KCommandBar can show the internal action name or English name (vscode does this) along with the localized name.

A workaround is invoking the actions with shortcuts using xdotool/ydotool, e.g. xdotool key "ctrl+shift+i"; kdesrc-build alotofstuff.