Konsole renders btop characters not properly

Hello all,

I am using KDE 6 on Arch Linux.
When I open btop, there are the cpu usage indicators.
In the following image, the left side is konsole (Hack Nerd Font 10pt) and the right side is GNOME Terminal (Hack 10pt):
Is there any reason for Konsole to do this weird rendering even with nerd fonts?
EDIT: Relevant code points are U+28F6 (for example). KCharSelect also renders them properly…

Looking forwards,
Samuel Fiedler

I would assume its a detail of the fontn used and not konsole.

It might be that the GNOME Terminal uses a different fallback font than Konsole, but the font I set is practically the same (Hack Nerd Font for Konsole, Hack for GNOME Terminal).
Do you have any idea how to find out the fallback font used by Konsole or GNOME Terminal?
Interesting is that all JetBrains Mono SemiBold and ExtraBold fonts plus Source Code Pro Black and Semibold fonts are rendering it properly. But I don’t really want to have them all the time.

I had an issue like this and the fix for me was to uninstall gnu-free-fonts as per someone’s fix in this issue, though it may be possible to change the font configuration so that it uses the correct braille font.

I don’t know if you have that font installed or if removing it would help fix the issue, though if it is the case, you could try.

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Thank you so much! This was it.