Konsole seems mostly broken here

new kde install, new laptop this month. something seems deeply off with konsole. cannot create or keep new profiles. when I call konsole from the command line, if I include a command, and the --profile “name”, then no profile is loaded, it’s just blank. blank profile means I cannot save any settings. it’s so broken it seems something must be off. core basic functions are not working, this wouldn’t have made it thru ANY qc process.

I don’t know how to debug this. in its current state I cannot create or use profiles, nor can I save any preferences on any profile.

how do I debug this?

Thank you.


Which user?

  • A “normal” user or, the user “root”?

Regardless of which user, the user’s personal Konsole profiles are stored in ‘~/.local/share/konsole/’ –

  • That directory has to be writeable for the concerned user.
  • You have to create a new (personal / private) profile before you can setup your personal preferences.

Most distributions also have default system-wide profiles located in ‘/usr/share/konsole/’ which ,usually, cannot be changed by “normal” users.

More information here – The Konsole Handbook – Profiles

That can be caused by running konsole, or another GUI app, as root.

I suggest checking ownership in your home directory, maybe

find . '!' -user $USER