Kontact suite 6.0.1 (24.02.1) doesn't work with Gmail

Hi, I have installed Fedora Kinoite 40 with Plasma 6. Kontact, or better Kmail, doesn’t work. It is impossible to send mail, it is impossible to receive mail. I always thought these are the two basis functions of an e-mail program.
I then installed Fedora 40 KDE spin, same issue: Kmail doesn’t function.
Last week I installed Fedora 39 KDE spin with Plasma 5.27 and a working K-mail. I just did an upgrade to Fedora 40 again, hoping because I have a working K-Mail it would still work after doing the upgrade, but no, even now the developers found a way to make it stop working.
Why is it that KDE takes care of its own programs so little? Answer: because the software developers are too busy with all the bling-bling which seems to be so much more important. Look, we re-invented the Cube, we re-arranged the items in System-settings so everybody has to search for them, we now have a floating panel, which just means 1 millimeter of wasted space on your screen.

I would have left Kontact if I could find a good way to save my e-mails which are stored in the Akonadi way, something no other e-mail program can read. Until then I have to rely on the good people of KDE and we all know what that means.
I use KDE since around 2011 and since then, and probably before that as well, Kmail never plaid nice with Gmail. Have there ever been talks to fix this problem or are both parties too stubborn to do this? Why can Thunderbird communicate with Gmail, why can other e-mail programs do the same but not Kmail?

KDE, please make sure your programs are working flawlessly and forget the bling-bling until they do.
Thank you.

It’s a community project. People are going to work on what they care about. If what you care about is different than them, then maybe think about what might help motivate people to want to work on what’s important to you.

Bear in mind that many FOSS contributors are already stretched thin with many requests, which is one reason why the parts that feel fun and easy are just plain more attractive than dealing with complaints.

Thank you for your answer. As I wrote I am using KDE since around 2011 and Kamil and Gmail never worked great together. Please don’t tell me in 13 years nobody wanted, or could find the time, to fix this.

I know my message is harsh and sarcastic but I am so fed up with trying to get Plasma 6 and all its programs to work, installing a distro just to find out I have to re-install the older version again because they do work albeit not great.
I wish I could find a way to move all my old mails over to a different e-mail program. That would mean the end for Kontact (K-Mail) for me.

You can indeed move all your old mails to another program. Just make sure all the folders you use to store emails are remote folders (on the mail server) rather than local folders (on your personal computer). If and when they are remote folders, then logging into your account in any other email app will download the remote folders and voila, all your emails are right there. Personally I use Thunderbird. It’s pretty nice.

Also: I understand that you’re frustrated, but publicly insulting developers has zero motivational effect on them and makes you look like spoiled and entitled, inviting personal criticism that distracts from any technical issues you’re trying to report. If you must do it for therapeutic reasons, try to keep it offline.

Let me start by saying I apologize for my opening message. I should not have written that, but the fact is I was so frustrated that the e-mail program still doesn’t work well.
Yesterday I installed Fedora 40 (still a pre-release) and Kontact didn’t play nice with Gmail. I saw others having the same problem so I knew it was not just me.
But let me ask this: have there ever been talks between KDE and Gmail to fix this problem? I mean, Thunderbird can do it so easily. It just takes a few seconds to setup a Gmail account where in Kontact you need to open your Gmail account in a browser, setup an app password and use that as your password. This only because Gmail says you are using an older e-mail program which is not as safe as it should be.
After I sent my opening message I re-installed Fedora 39 from scratch and although receiving (with the app password) worked, I now could not send a message. This morning I found out (I just remembered akonadictl) I had to vacuum Akonadi.
So, at the moment I have a working e-mail program again, although not the one I was hoping for.

Nate, you write I can get al my mails in another e-mail program when they are in remote folders. I guess you are talking about an IMAP e-mail account. I use POP because I want my mail to be here on my NAS and not on-line longer than necessary. Is it also possible to do it that way with POP?

Again, I do apologize to everyone I have insulted, I just needed to get the frustration out of my head.

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Thanks for the apology, it’s appreciated. There are real humans on the other side of that screen! :slight_smile:

In my experience, most thorny and persistent technological problems are actually human problems: teams not getting along; teams being sabotaged by one non-team player; people working as individuals and not as a team so there’s discord instead of organization; developers not using the software in the way their users do and so not caring as much as they should about problems affecting the userbase; etc.

These are some of the hardest issues to resolve in KDE because we don’t have the most typical methods of resolving them that big companies use: hiring, firing, or re-assigning people. Even if we did have these tools, they can be quite brutal and morale-sapping, so it’s best not to use them anyway. For these reasons. Instead we rely on internal communication and consensus, and while it mostly works, there are unfortunately some cases where it doesn’t.

Often what ends up happening is that a piece of software affected by human problems eventually gets abandoned as development resources organically shift to an internally-developed alternative that was created largely for the purpose of having different people behind it–or just abandon internal efforts in favor of a 3rd-party solution. It’s happened before with KOffice and Amarok, and I feel like I slowly see it happening with KMail too.

No, you can’t use POP to store emails on the server; it would defeat the whole point of POP. I’m not sure I understand your reason for wanting to avoid emails being on the server for a long time though; is this a privacy thing? If so, know that the ship has long since sailed. Unless you use GPG, your emails are all plaintext and could conceivably be stored on other intermediary servers, not just the final one you directly connect to. Email should not be considered to have any privacy at all unless you’re strict about using GPG encryption for every message. And if you do, IMAP is perfectly safe.

Also, if you don’t trust Google, you don’t have to use their service. I know changing email providers can be a pain in the butt, but in my experience it’s well worth it. Life’s too short to live with all the risks, problems, and anxieties that come from entrusting your data to a company you don’t trust. Google is certainly a poor player here when it comes to interoperability. Thunderbird may be able to keep up with their shenenigans better, but ultimately the fault is Google’s.

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I don’t hope so. I know Kontact is a great program, it just needs attention to get things working as they should work. After that it is maintenance: following new ideas when they appear in the world.
I wish I could program but I never learned that, I have no idea what a program looks like unfortunately.
Some years ago KDE came up with The Box, a replacement for KMail. I have had it installed for a short while, to see what it could do but it disappeared almost as fast as it arrived.
Amarok was a program which I never understood. I tried to use it but it was too complicated, at least for me. I never used KOffice as fas as I can remember.

Please don’t let Kontact die, there are so many people all over the world using it.