Kontakt, Merkuro, online Accounts: Flatpak possible? (IPC, native messaging)

It would be great to use these apps as Flatpaks, and there seems to be one.

I heard (didnt look, sorry) that the Kontact Flatpak has Akonadi etc. integrated to make it work.

Can the Account database and server run as a Flatpak runtime, and serve multile separate apps?

I know that GNOME Calendar Flatpak only works on GNOME as it needs evolution dataserver which is not available.

I wonder, does this need IPC, session socket, system socket or even native messaging?

This sounds very possible, meanwhile Firefox+Keepass and others dont work at all until the NM portal is there.

Merkuro is available when you install Kontact as a flatpak. It will install all needed components

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This is also stated on Merkuro project’s README:

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Thanks, interesting, never saw this with a Flatpak before.

This indicates that normal packaging (separate apps and a runtime) does not work here

I think it’s just that creating an Akonadi runtime would have been more trouble. I don’t think it’s impossible and it would be great to have split packages for KDE’s individual PIM applications.