KOrganizer Colors and Google

I’m new to KDE and am giving KOrganizer a spin. I’ve added my Google account to it and, so far, it’s working better than my similar solution on Windows (Events added to KOrganizer almost instantly appear online and on my Android phone whereas, with Windows, there was always a small, but indeterminate amount of delay).

While I understand KOrganizer is legacy and being replaced with Merkuro, I also understand Merkuro is even more buggy right now, so I plan to wait.

In using KOrganizer, it appears you can tie colors to tags. Does anyone know how to get these colors to sync with Google so, when I need to view my calendar when away from KOrganizer, the colors will stay the same?


Korganizer is not an abandoned project; it’s in active development, as you can see by looking at its source code.

Merkuro is a separate project developed with the kirigami framework as part of Plasma Mobile.

Colors in Korganizer are defined by the color of the calendar and by the labels assigned to events/tags.

Tags were first introduced in KDE4 with Nepomuk, which was replaced in Plasma5 by Baloo.

Applications manage them as xattrs (extended attributes) in the filesystem, which Baloo indexes.

So nothing to do with Google’s tools.

Sorry, but you can’t synchronize colors between Korganizer and google.

Thanks for the detail, and I guess this explains it!