KOrganizer - Delaying notifications


After having updated Mageia 8 to Mageia 9, I got a new version of KOrganizer (version 5.23.1).

With the previous version, I was able to delay notifications as I need (hours, days), with the the new version I have only the choice for a delay of one hour or of one minute. This is a regression !!

How can I get back the possibility to choose the delay I need ?


it’s also possible you have access to at least one version prior

you can install that specific version and hold it there with the apt command so that it doesn’t automatically get updated until your tell it.

use man apt to look for the syntax on how to install and hold a specific version.

Thank you skyfishgoo for your answer.
But I am not a specialist of command lines, I don’t try to do that …
I just hope that this bug / regression was corrected, but it is not !
I don’t understand why software evolution is made ignoring the functionalities used by the users. Are the developers actually using the software they develop ?!

My OS is Mageia 9 / Plasma. How can I install the last version of KOrganizer ?