KOrganizer tries mail server constantly


I am trying to use KMail and KOrganizer on my non-Plasma desktop. KMail have my personal and test accounts configured. I am using test account for testing purposes when needed. Therefore test account have interval checking disabled and check on startup disabled.

IMAP server for this test account intentionally have wrong certificate. With all that said any activation of Akonadi like starting KOrganizer (even without KMail) tries this IMAP server and display a warning and continue with warnings every 10 minutes.

My questions are:

  1. Why Akonadi itself is interested in connecting to mail server without KMail running? If I do not want to read mails I do not expect it connecting anywhere related to mail.
  2. Why any of that programs connects to server which explicitly set to manual connection?
  3. Can it be treated as a bug, because showing focused warning (actually several ones) in the middle of unrelated process is extremely annoying behavior. Once I left akonadi working and got thousand windows to close next day when returned.


I think it’s fair to report a bug - the IMAP connector simply tries to establish connection to the IMAP server on start, but we could modify it to do so lazily the first time we actually try to synchronize the account, which in your case should be always manually triggered, never automatically.