KRDP scope and AV1 encoding, WebRTC feature requests

I would like to discuss invent kde org / plasma / krdp.

I see the repo is set as examples and libraries, therefore what I’d like to suggest here may or may not be in scope for KRdp. I do see it’s an unreleased alpha version (well I mean git tagged), still I wanted to bring these features to your consideration, to allow a structure to enable future modular features. It’s a kind of convoluted phrasing, let me know if this is confusing in any way.

So I see KRdp wants to make available an RDP server that is able to integrate with KWin and allows GPU encoding for H264/265 and which integrates nicely with Plasma / KDE settings via a KCM module. I would like to assert (state?) that, in my opinion, it could be useful if we could set up in a modular way that allows AV1 encoding on the GPU and maybe WebRTC web servers, in place of the RDP server.

While I understand WebRTC would be quite outside the scope of the KRDP project, allowing AV1 encoding and streaming should (!?) be enough to allow some streaming to and from an external webserver (in C++, Go, Rust or…). Oh and using WebRTC would help, via ICE, overcome the great barrier of having to pierce NAT. Web servers could process streams via language bindings, but I’m not sure what this would mean for KRDP in practice

One aspect which would be quite unclear still would be the scope of the KCM module - would the WebRTC server be configurable via the KCM module? Should KCM just defer to an external configuration for the server!? I would think this would be quite useful for business/ end user support via Remote Desktop.

While I’m not a C++ developer (and a beginning Go dev), as an end user, I’m greatly interested in using remote desktop to provide tech support to my family on Fedora /KDE Plasma. As such when I’ve seen Arjen Hiemstra presentation at Akademy 2023, it both piqued my interest and made me ask myself if any of these concerns could be considered, when and where, I hope this forum is the right place to discuss.