Krita can't render animation w/ ffmpeg

i made an account solely just to ask for help, i tried to render an animation in krita, did everything, downloaded the latest version, copied instructions on the guide krita’s site has itself on rendering, downloaded the right ffmpeg(the one not shared), i extracted it, set up baseline thing, made sure its on ffmpeg, however whenever i try to render it as either MP4 or GIF it won’t work, i just get a blank file w/ no thumbnail, i badly need help, i apologize if this issue has already been fixed before but i can’t for the life of me figure it out


This a question frequently asked on you’ll have more chance to get a precise answer to your problem on krita artists as there’s a lot of people mastering it there.

Don’t forget to provide them:

  • Krita’s version
  • Operating system
  • ffmpeg version

Note: “the last one” is not helpful, precise version is always better to get help :wink:



thank you! i went here because the most recent link i found where the user had the same issue was on a site like this, (i think it was the old one?) anyways- i appreciate it alot! thank you for your time.

Old KDE forum redirect here yes :slight_smile:

But Krita has his own dedicated forum since 2019 I think, with a lot of helpful users.


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