Krita: Canvas Input shortcut interferes with transformation tool

I encountered this phenomenon while trying to use the transform tool in Krita. While in transform mode you usually can hold shift + left mouse button drag the transformation handles to get proportional transformation, but in my case I also have Shift + Left mouse button in the ‘Change Primary Setting’ to change brush size dynamically in the Canvas Input Setting which is set in the Krita Profile as default. If I hold Shift before I drag a transform handle in this setup, the transform will not react, because Krita prioritizes changing the brush size even after the mode changes. I must drag a handle first for the proportional transformation shortcut to work which is very unusual behaviour in a transform workflow. Is this a bug or a priority problem or does it clash, because the program put both actions as same priority? (I solved that issue by setting a different shortcut for changing brush size, but this shouldn’t be left alone if this clash is set by default)