KRunner no longer accepts ctrl+shift+u alt-codes

Previously I used a custom keyboard macro to enter ×/÷ into KRunner, whose calculator recognised and calculated with them. Since a recent update, ctrl+shift+u no longer has an effect, so the macros just enter the hex characters into the box. Is there a reason this was disabled, and is there any way for me to re-enable it or get it re-enabled?

Oh, did that work at all?
According to my knowledge, Unicode character itput via Ctrl+Shift+U unfortunately has never been supported in Qt/KDE aplications:

As a workaround, using * and / instead of × and ÷ should work just fine for doing math with KRunner.

Oh very strange! I think it may have been up until I updated to Plasma 6. Maybe the update standardised it so KRunner now uses the same kind of text field as everything else. * / is a pain since I only have × ÷ on the numpad layer of the keyboard and switching takes a sec, but it’s a workaround. Wild that the bug has been open since 2005, guess there’s not much hope of getting the capability back.

Compose : – ⇒ ÷

compose -: ⇒ ÷

You can also define your own, like Thai Baht:

# <Multi_key> <b> <t>: "฿"        # Thai Baht
#<Multi_key> <x> <x>: "×" 

These DO work in krunner.

Edit your .XCompose and enable your ‘compose’ key in keyboard settings (I use Right Alt key).

<Multi_key> <s> <m> <i>: "( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)"
( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)


I’m not sure how you can map these symbols to the numpad keys TBH - and I’m about to buy a new keyboard with nice PBT keys, and that’ll have × and ÷ on the numpad…

So a solution to this would be appreciated :wink: