Krusader file type associations not preserved

I have Krusader installed on a Debian 10/11 machine without any issues, but, if I install Krusader on Fedora 35/36/37 it does not have any file type associations. Which means whenever I double click, or press enter, on a file it brings up the dialog window where I am supposed to be able to select a program to use for the file type I am opening. This window does not display any programs, which is still ok (but not normal) I can point it to the program in /usr/bin to use, the problem then continues in that Krusader does not save this (yes I do select the checkbox for it to remember).

I have also tried right clicking on a file and selecting Properties, from there I select the Change button next to Open With, but the same happens here, my selection does not stick.

If I launch Krusader from cli I get the following output on the cli window when I double click a file (when the dialog opens where I should select the program to use), “15:08:53.325-warning unknown@0 # KServiceFactory: unexpected object entry in KSycoca database (type= 305 )”.

I am almost certain this is because of a missing dependency but I cannot figure out what dependency it is. Can anyone help with this?

If somebody else may find this helpful I have figured it out. To start it seems like Krusader is missing a crucial dependency on fedora, kde-cli-tools. When installing Krusader install this package as well.

Then to fix the file type associations,

sudo ln -s /etc/xdg/menus/ /etc/xdg/menus/

Krusader will now function as expected.

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