Krusader icons and colors on Plasma V6

Since installing Plasma V6, Krusader has gone AWOL, as far as colors/Icons are concerned.
Think it may be more a problem with the icon pack than anything else, but can’t find where/how to change any icons within Krusader - uses the same icons all the time??
Running in Tumbleweed 20240517 / Plasma V6.0.4 / Krusader 2.8.1

I also have a problem with folder icon inside Krusader both with normal and root privileges

Yep, same issue!
Have gone back to the Breeze light theme…

This has happened in plasma 5 at some point as well. Regardless what fallback icon set ( even the rcc version) you set, it didn’t work. Took some update for that one. Only breeze light worked.
As you can see, custom icon themes are a hit/miss on plasma 5 still.

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