Kscreenlocker sleep button hibernates

If I am in a session, and I click the “sleep” button on the lock/logout widget, the system performs a standby in RAM.

If I click on the “Sleep” button in the password dialog of Kscreenlocker (ie when the screen is locked), the system hibernates, saving to disk.

Given there is a separate button for “Hibernate” in the screen unlock dialog, this behaviour seems incorrect.

Does anyone know how to fix?

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what does

sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i 'windows ' | sort


Windows 2001
Windows 2001.1
Windows 2001 SP1
Windows 2001 SP2
Windows 2006
Windows 2009
Windows 2012
Windows 2013
Windows 2015

I upgraded my system. Kernel is now 6.7.9, and sddm is now 0.21. The button on the sddm lock screen is now working correctly. Clicking Sleep suspends to RAM, and clicking Hibernate suspends to disk.