Kstars sends telescope to wrong position

I have read most of the advice about equipment setup, LST and resetting drivers after switch off, but none of this works. Still a bit confused about LST in relation to my location: Gloucester, UK.

My kit is a Skywatcher 1145P on an EQM-35 PRO with 2 ZWO cameras and a ZWO EAF.

The ST shown on screen is 08:07:26 with the local time of 20:18:59; not sure if this is correct but must assume it is as I’ve set a UT offset of +1 for 05apr22024.

I have tried swapping the pier side from auto to West Pointing East and the other way round but still the telescope is sent to the wrong side - some 90deg away from the target.

I have run out of ideas as I’m not completely familiar with all of the setting in EKOS.
Does anyone have any hints or tips?