Kubuntu 22.04 loses desktop configuration after reconnecting docking station


We are currently migrating our clients from Kubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 (X11) with a prebuilt custom image. One part of the process is to move the old home directory to the new installation, so the users typically still have all settings. So far, we have upgraded around 15 clients, one of them is a laptop. And it’s causing troubles.

Whenever the user reconnects a docking station (user has three docking stations, two in the office, on at home), all desktop settings are reset and sometimes Notes do disappear. They usually position the icons individually on the desktop for better organization. This worked with Kubuntu 18.04 flawlessly. The desktop setting is set to “Folder View”. My own home profile does not cause any issues.

I honestly have no idea what could cause this, frankly I’m not that experienced with Linux. Unfortunately, my colleague who set everything up for the migration has left us, and so far I am clueless.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Move Desktop Icons
  • Logout
  • Reconnect Docking Station
  • Login

Expected results: Desktop Icons are positioned where left
Actual result: Desktop Icons are reset, have to reposition them.

Maybe a configuration file from 18.04 is causing this behavior?
I’ve already tried to delete some directories and files, but nothing helped.

In my first attempt I tried:

rm -r .config/KDE
rm -r .config/plasma*
rm -r .local/share/kscreen
rm -r .local/share/sddm

Problem was still present.

Second attempt:

rm -r .config
rm -r .local/share

Problem was still present.

What else could it be?

when i first installed kubuntu i had a lot of weird desktop behavior like that, but as i worked on the getting the nvidia divers up and running, most of that has gone away.

the early part of my journey involved hooking linux into the acpi specific to my machine’s bios to get suspend/resume working properly.

another key milestone involved getting my nvidia card to save ALL of the VRAM to disk when sleeping so that it was restored properly.

no idea if this is whats happening in your case, but i thought i would share.

Our laptops don’t have a Nvidia chip, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Weirdly enough I copied over some parts of their profile (the configurations) and it seems like on another laptop there is no issue.

My next attempt to “fix” this is to move their whole profile over to the second laptop and look if the issue still persists.

Maybe something went wrong during installation? I don’t know.

Honestly, I don’t care, as long as it works. :smile:

Kubuntu 22.04 ships Plasma 5.24, which has some severe known issues with multi-monitor setups. I would strongly recommend that anyone who wants a decent multi-monitor experience use Plasma 5.27 instead. This should be available on Kubuntu 23.04.

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