Kubuntu 24.04 LTS has been released

As many of you already know Kubuntu 24.04 LTS has been released today.

It is one of the last major distributions that ships with Plasma 5.
Kubuntu 24.04 LTS features Plasma 5.27.11, Frameworks 5.115, Qt 5.15.13 and Gear 23.08.5, its default session type is X11 and the kernel version is 6.8.x.

The following has only partially to do with KDE Plasma, but some of you might be interested in
Essential and strongly recommended things to do directly after a Kubuntu 24.04 LTS installation.


Thank you for your post, because it seems that the Kubuntu team did not update their website with links to he ISOs yet! This is the only place I can find that links to the actual download page

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You can also always find the download links in the
Overview: Kubuntu, its parent and some of its siblings :slight_smile:

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Still getting the error “There is no development version of an LTS available” - when trying to upgrade to LTS 24.04 from 22.04

See https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/noble-numbat-24-04-release-status-tracking/44043

I guess Kubuntu 22.04 LTS users will have to be patient until e.g. the most important “Current blockers for enabling upgrades from Jammy” have been resolved or do a fresh installation of 24.04.

The do-distro-update requires a setting to be normal until the 24.04.1 comes out, so we should get prompted to upgrade from 22.04 to 24.04.1 in august.

I have mine set to lts.

I’m gonna set it to “normal” update to 24 then switch back to LTS. the purpose is to help test KDE.

I backed up my content and installed 24.04 as a new installation. It worked. The upgrade had failed earlier.

Happy about 24.04 so far. Much better than previous releases - quite intuitive. Most software/tools are available through snap/Discover. This makes it quite a breeze - compared to using the terminal earlier to execute Sudo commands for most common apps.

I’ve been using Kubuntu 24.04 for a week now on a Thinkpad T430. It’s a solid release for sure, I’m pretty happy

There were a few incompatibility problems for me, mainly from the lack of python 2 (which has long been out of support) among others… but it’s not really the fault of the distro… It’s pretty stable and I’m happy they stuck to Plasma 5.