Kubuntu not able to mirror laptop screen to smart TV via HDMI


In Linux Mint Cinnamon there is an option to mirror laptop screen to smart tv (connected via HDMI). Which way I can do it in KDE (using latest Kubuntu)
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There should be a Display Configuration plasmoid in the system tray to set the screen layout with the TV.

Yes, there is a plasmoid in opensuse (AFAR) but not in Kubuntu

Does the Meta + P keyboard shortcut bring up the display layout options?

hi! I installed Mint and everything works for me now. Thank you for your help

Well that’s one way to do it. :sweat_smile:

FWIW Plasma does fully support this feature via the OSD that appears when a new screen is connected (and also manually invokable via Meta+P), the Display Configuration applet in the System Tray, as well as the Display and Monitor page in System Settings.

Thank you, Nate!

I don’t remember exactly but as I said before in some distros (OpenSuse Tumbleweed and Debian 12) there is such an option.

Probably added by distro teams

But I can be wrong

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Sorry, I didn’t read your note carefully, Nate.

I played with Display Configuration in Kubuntu and I wasn’t able to achieve “mirror”.

I will try one more time running KDE distro on VMware. As I said I’m already using Mint with Cinnamon



It’s not added by distro teams, it’s a part of Plasma. It’s possible that some distros make it disabled by default though, overriding its standard behavior, which is to be hidden in the System Tray pop-up when there’s only one screen or when there’s more than one screen but they’re all desktop screens, and shown in the active area of the system tray when there’s more than one screen and at least one is on a laptop.

OK, understood. Thank you, Nate

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