Kwallet asking for password on web browsers

I don’t normally activate Kwallet but for some reason I have tried it again. Every time I start my computer is asks me for passwords to one or another WEB browser, maybe Opera or maybe Edge, why does it keep doing that and what can I do to change that?

The web browser wants to store safe data there (for example, passwords, but I don’t know exactly). I don’t know how to disable it.

what Kwallet is:

why Chromium (=> Chromium-based browsers) uses it: Chromium Docs - Chrome Security FAQ

  • On Linux, Chrome previously stored credentials directly in the user‘s Gnome Secret Service or KWallet, but for technical reasons, it has switched to storing the credentials in “Login Data” in the Chrome user’s profile directory, but encrypted on disk with a key that is then stored in the user’s Gnome Secret Service or KWallet. If there is no available Secret Service or KWallet, the data is not encrypted when stored.

what you can do: