Kwayland/kscreen: Flip/mirror screen impossible yet

Hi everyone,

Since one of my screens is a teleprompter, that I essentially need for video conferences and presentations, I need the possibility to mirror a screen.

This has not been implemented in Wayland yet and I do not know, how much work has to be invested:

I am excited to learn, how to collectively spend money in sponsored development. But - as a private person - my “possibilities are somehow limited” :wink:

Kind regards,

Shouldn’t be a lot, and doesn’t require any sponsoring. The reason it isn’t implemented yet is mostly that there wasn’t really any known use cases for it… I’ll look into it next week


Great, thank you very much! :star_struck:

Yes, the use case isn’t that obvious. Due to Corona, there might be a few more people like me with a teleprompter/autocue.

It’s done: in Plasma 6 you’ll be able to make a screen be mirrored on the X axis with kscreen-doctor output.screenname.rotation.flipped (or mirrored on the X axis + rotated by some angle with flipped90, flipped180 or flipped270)