Kwin: Ability to differentiate between normal and development applications

I often want to launch applications that I build with kde-builder and being able to differentiate their window from normal system application.

Currently, the icon for development application is taken from the desktop file of system installed normal application. And if the system application is not installed, the development application will have generic wayland icon. See 439982 – kdesrc-build --run does not set icon for application window on wayland

This situation is very inconvenient when you are working with Dolphin for example, because you want to keep the normal window around.

Currently, the way of setting window icon is reading the Icon= field from desktop file named as <app id>.desktop. And only way to force overwrite it is creating a window rule where you specify a path to the custom made desktop file with modified Icon= field.

Now the problem is - how to make a window rule that is triggered only on windows of development applications (the Dolphin window when I run kde-builder --run dolphin) and does not trigger on normal Dolphin window (from distribution packages).

Is it possible to create a custom field in the “Window matching” properties? For example, if kwin can detect the path to the executable, it could look like this: