KWin Scripting from 5.x to 6.x -- Compatible?

I have several complex (non-KDE) scripts that handle my window placement. They are called via Custom Shortcuts and move and manage windows using xdotool and wmctrl. With Wayland and KDE 6 coming, I am looking at replacing them with KWin scripts. If I begin now, using KDE 5.x KWin scripts, will they generally be compatible with KWin as used in KDE 6.x or is there any kind of breaking overhaul?

I have looked online and seen nothing to suggest this, but I figured it was worth asking here before I committed many hours on converting everything over. Thanks for any answer you can give!

No, unfortunately Plasma 6 will bring breaking changes to the KWin scripting API that will make scripts incompatible between the two versions.

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Thank you very much for the reply. I had put together a very preliminary test script, but I’ll wait for the 6.x API.