Kwin, the state of tiles?

Recently got an update and now I’m on KDE6.1, and I’m having some issues with the tiling and window positioning…

I’m using the keyboard shortcut to move a window to the left or right side of my screen.
Since my update it behaves weird. Sometimes it doesn’t separate 50/50 anymore.
Sometimes the left one takes much less space than the right one.
Not sure what’s going on.

Search made me think it is tiling, which kwin has an editor for, but I have yet to figure out how to use it since whatever I do there has no effect on any window placements.

If someone can give some update there, that would be awesome. I’m half expecting I’m missing something obvious but my search hasn’t given me any pages that could help.

Thank you all!

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The “custom tiling editor” unfortunately does not have shortcuts to tile windows to the tiles it manages - you have to drag the window and then hold shift to plug the windows into the tiles.

The behavior you describe sounds like the Quick Tiling behavior (under System Settings → Keyboard → Shortucts → KWin Look for “Quick Tile Window to X”). This used to create half-half split (or quarters) but since 6.1 you can modify the split by dragging the border of the split - so you can change the quick tile split to 40/60 or anything else.

There are two problems with this behavior:

  1. This split should reset back to 50/50 after all the quick-tiled windows are closed or untiled (“floated”), but it didn’t and that bug was fixed only very recently so you may not have that update yet (it should be in 6.1.2).
  2. If you have quick-tiled some windows and resized them on one virtual desktop, then you go to another virtual desktop and quick-tile some more windows - the second virtual desktop quick tiling splits will follow what you have set previously on the first virtual desktop. If you try to resize it then - it will also resize the first virtual desktop, because the quick-tiling layout is global for all desktops and tall activities. This bug (471893 – Resizing tiled windows (using Super+Arrow) on one virtual desktops affects all other tiled windows across all virtual desktops) is not yet fixed.

Thank you for clarifying, with these instructions I can use the features. Indeed.

If the devs are reading this, I have to ask them:

would it not be much better for the ‘left’/‘right’ quick-tile system to be rigurous and predictable while the tiles-editor is the way for people to do more complex stuff.

I’m very much not happy that an accidental change in window size actually changes something other than the window.

I mean, I ended up opening up two konsole’s and showing the number of columns / rows, just to allow me to get back to the 50/50 setup and correct the accidental resize. (i.e. it’s an expensive thing to fix!)

If kwin must, let the resize of two windows ‘tiled’ end up resizing those windows with zero change of the quick-tiling data underneath. Which means that if I want to reset it, I just hit the shortcut again.

And let anything more complex be done with the tiling system which is opt-in.

edit: copied the above to the bug report.

There was some effort to add a setting to disable tile resizing (“lock the tiles”) here: tiling: Add option to lock tiling layout (!5665) · Merge requests · Plasma / KWin · GitLab

It is currently rejected on questions of usability/audience, but you may want to go there and comment on your use case and requirements.

I happen to agree with the ‘yet another checkbox’ not being a solution.

I didn’t manage to understand their longer term intentions, though. I just really hope they will keep things simple for the people that don’t want a full tiling experience, but like the basic quick-tiling feature KDE has had for years.