KWordQuiz port to QML

I started porting KWordQiuz to QML (Draft: Port KWordQuiz to QML (!24) · Merge requests · Education / KWordQuiz · GitLab). It’s still WIP since a few missing features need to be implemented, but this is nearly finished.

Here is some screenshots of the result:

In terms of code, most code was rewritten. The only remaining parts are the core model for displaying the words, which was ported from a table model to a simple list model, and the code for printing the words in a sheet (this code would also appreciate some modernization).

It’s a ‘small’ patch, so review welcome :wink:


Looks nice!

Could the “Correct”, “Not Correct”, “hint” and “check” buttons live on the page, rather than in the toolbar? Those are the critical actions and I think they look a bit buried on the toolbar.

Also for the “hint” action, the games-hint icon might suffice.

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Curious if we can have a QML frontend of Anki

Good idea :slight_smile: I will implement that



That would be great!