Lag when dragging in Qt apps like Scribus, when using graphic tablet

When trying to drag something or draw there is significant lag, where pointer delays a lot.
I am experiencing this with some Qt 5 applications, like Foundry Modo and Scribus. Entire Deepin has issue with this, can not move windows of file manager, Mail etc.
Happens in X11, I am not using Wayland as Modo can not even start.
Not seeing this in Krita for example.
If I use mouse everything works fine.

One workaround is to float device with xinput, start app, and reattach it after application loads. But sometimes it will just restart and I have to close app and redo entire process, Can be pain in …

Report it on libinput portal, and they said it is not their bug, and that it is Qt probably. So posting here in hope some can shed more light on what is going. It is becoming nightmare for me as 3D Artist to keep with Linux. This is last attempt to see if I can find why is this happening and where to report it, before leaving Linux after decade of using it primarily.

Can anyone point to right direction? Did anyone experience this?


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I guess people that use tablet with KDE mostly use Krita than …