Language packs, Kubuntu lts

Hi, suggestion: make the update languages button available, in the languages tab in the settings application, native to Kde Plasma.
To download the missing packages and update what is already installed on the system.
To also improve support, in the additional software that the user installs, so as not to lack language packs, in the user’s native language.

Kubuntu Lts 22.04
Intel i3 1115G4
ptbr utf8, abnt2

Thank you and success to all

I think it’s the responsibility of the distribution maintainers to provide the correct way to manage missing language packs, because this function will manage all packages outside Plasma scope, plus to avoid using wrong tools in some distributions (for example packagekit on Arch based distros).

For example, Manjaro adds its own “Language Packages” page in Plasma settings where you can see and install all missing language packages:

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I understand, ok, thank you :smile: